What is Metabolism?

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Understand what the metabolism is and how what you eat and do physically affects it with expert health tips in this free online metabolism video clip.

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Video Transcript

You might be asking what is my energy metabolism? You don't often think about the metabolism what what is it exactly. Well it's a larger number of chemical reactions going on inside of our body. And our chemical reactions with nutrients from the foods that we eat and the enzymes that are in our body. So we are in a constant state of energy metabolism so these are a few examples that you may not of thought about but you may often think are part of energy metabolism. So when you're thinking that is a huge part of metabolism carbohydrates is used a lot in our brain when we make decisions or we're just reading. Exercise I think it's often what we think about energy metabolism because we think about speeding up our metabolism to burn fat. That definitely happens but it also happens with protein when we are building our muscles. Food digestion and absorption that also actually burns calories, burns our metabolism, takes energy when we eat food and when we digest it. Then also when it starts to break down and gets absorb into our body so that is another form of metabolism. Growth, metabolism that is why children sometimes just can eat a lot of food and the need a lot of energy that nutrients to grown in their skin and in every aspect of their body. Maintenance maintaining what is good when you become adult were often shutting skin all the time or bones are shutting and rebuilding. So we are automatically burning energy for just starting maintenance. Reproduction is another area where we spend a lot of time when burning our metabolism so if you are thinking about having baby or getting pregnant. Then your body is definitely using your energy metabolism in that area. Acclimation to various environments is something else we often think about so if you are in a harmful environment and your body is trying to get rid of some toxins or if you are just moving to different environments our foods that grow in different environments will also sometimes give us a little bit, our body needs to acclimate to those environments. So again metabolism will be use there so those are some ideas of what energy metabolism is.


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