Egyptian Belly Dancing : Playing Finger Cymbals

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One of the most common ways to play finger cymbals for belly dancing is with the ringing tone, which is done by sliding the cymbals past each other without clicking them down. Learn about making clicking sounds with finger cymbals with help from a professional Middle Eastern dancer in this free video on Egyptian belly dancing.

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Video Transcript

There are several different ways to play them on the most common ways with the ringing tone, which is accomplished by sliding them past each other and not clicking them down on each other. So this is the common way, a ring, you just slide them past each other in open to allow them to ring. You can also make a clicking sound with them, which is brought by bringing squarely together or you can make a softer sound with them by bending your thumb in and connecting the rim of your thumb zill with the inside of your middle finger zill and you can get a little clicking sound that way. There are many different patterns you can also use for zill playing, the most common being the triplet pattern, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three. Start with that, practice playing zills while you’re walking and then eventually try to add them slowly into your dancing always remembering that you need to keep the pace steady and the zill should always match with what’s happening in the music.


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