How to Treat a Jammed Finger or Toe


It doesn't matter whether you've jammed a finger blocking a spike or just stubbed your toe on the stupid coffee table-now all it really takes is a little bit of ice, a simple wrap and some ibuprofen to do the trick.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Splint
  • Ice packs
    • 1

      Assess the movement in your injured finger or toe. If you can't move it or if it's too painful to move, it may be broken. See a physician.

    • 2

      Ice the injury immediately to reduce pain and swelling.

    • 3

      Continue to apply ice for 20 minutes of every hour until the pain and swelling begin to subside.

    • 4

      Immobilize the finger or toe using a splint or bandage.

    • 5

      Limit walking if it causes pain to the toe, and/or wear shoes that don't put pressure on it.

    • 6

      Use anti-inflammatory agents such as ibuprofen.

    • 7

      Begin using the digit again as soon as pain and swelling subside.

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