Putting Drum Pieces Together

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Put the drum kit together after setting up the snare, cymbals and bass drums; learn how from our expert drummer in this free drum-kit video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: Setting Up a Drum Kit
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Video Transcript

Hey! This is Philip and we are going over how to set the drum set. This is all of our work put together. This is everything that we have done. I just compiled into a drum set, and I am going to go over everything we have done. So we worked on setting up a high hat cymbal, and so this is it right here. You put it on your left, you want it on your left foot so you can do this... because you want a bass drum on your right foot.... and so this is generally how everyone sets up, generally... there are exceptions. You want your snare drums sitting between your legs; and now the height of your snare drum is an all a comfort thing. I know people who set it really low, I set it relatively high compared to most people. Now, then you want your high tom right here. Here's your high tom, and then here's your floor tom, sitting here on the floor, if that makes sense. Your bass drum sits right here with your bass drum pedal hitting it. Now the cymbals, you want your high hat to the left. I like to sit my higher crash cymbal, the splashy one I talked about earlier, I like to set that right here on the left. You put your ride cymbal right here; and if you had a 5 piece drum set, just put another drum like make it look like its right there; just visualize that. You put another drum right there, and then you put your ride cymbal higher. Here is my dark crash; I put it on the other side. And this way as you are playing, you have bright on your left hand and dark on your right hand. You can mix it up, but this is your primary crash cymbal. So that is how you generally set up a drum set. You make it look like this and you get comfortable. You just adjust everything to your personal preferences and angles and everything; but this is what a drum set should look like.


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