How to Set Up High Hat Cymbals

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High hat cymbals, the most used on the drum kit, need to be set up after the high hat stands are in place; learn how from our expert drummer in this free drum-kit video lesson.

Part of the Video Series: Setting Up a Drum Kit
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Video Transcript

Hey guys! I'm Philip and we are going over how to set up a drum set. And I am going to show you how to put high hat cymbals on now, and the high hat cymbals are the ones that go... and they sit to your left when you are playing the drums. So here is your high hat stand that we set up earlier and here is the clutch that I told you about earlier. I kind of went over how to do this before. What you want to do is unscrew the clutch and take one of the foams in your hand and reach down and grab your top high hat cymbal. Most high hat cymbals will tell you which one is on top and which one is on bottom. So this one says, new beat high hat top cymbal. And so you want to put this just like a normal cymbal stand, and then you are going to take a felt, put it right next to the cymbal. You want to take this screw, this bolt, and put it right next to that and tighten it. You don't want it to fall off while you are playing. And then take your bottom cymbal, the one that says bottom and put it on the bottom. Just run it straight through the middle of the thing, and you want to put this cymbal on top. Now this is how you set the height of it; how hight it is going to separate. You want to put your foot down to where you want it to be comfortably, where you want it to be closed. You just tighten this. Just like you tighten the cymbal stand. Just lift up and that is how you set up a high hat stand.


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