Stuffing the Head: How to Make a Puppet

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Learn how to make puppets in this free video clip, including stuffing the head of a puppet with a moving mouth.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Paul Lewis from You can find us on the worldwide web at Okay so, we are pretty close to being finished with building this neat little moving mouth puppet. We are going back to our foam piece I showed you earlier. Do you remember the square foam piece and this was about for our puppet size about 7 ½ x 6 inches I believe or 7 x 7. Yeah, pretty much. More or less. It really depends on the size of your puppets. This is a good size for this type of puppet that I am working with here. What I done is cut a little triangular piece like this at the bottom. That is there for a reason. What we are going to do is fold our piece like that. See how I did that? That way we have a little shape like that. I am going to pinch with my two fingers like this and I am going to take the front of it and pinch the top and pull it down. I am then going to hold it in place like that the best I can. It took me a while how to do this. Basically the idea is that you want it inserted into your character all the way through the opening at the bottom and you want to stick it on top of the mouth board and then you will let go of the foam and shape it so that it fills out the top of the head. Let me show you exactly what I am talking about. Open up the bottom of the puppet, stick it in, push it down as far as into the head as possible so that it looks nice and smooth and where there are no wrinkles no where on the puppet and basically have a nice roundish type of head or semi-round I guess. Really, what I am doing inside there if you had an x-ray and you could see how my hand looks in there; this is how my hand looks in there. Now if you noticed my four top fingers are really towards the front of the puppets mouth that is very important because the foam and the top of the cardboard mouthpiece will act as a sandwich for your four fingers. In other words your four fingers will be sandwiched between the top foam part and the roof of the mouth cardboard piece so that will keep your hand nice and snug in there.


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