How to Remove the Bridge Pins & Pull Out the Guitar Strings

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Learn how to remove the bridge pins and pull the strings out of your acoustic guitar to ensure that your instrument will remain in tune and play music beautifully in this free video series.

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Video Transcript

MATT GRAHAM: Okay, now we've loosened the strings at the headstock with the tuning keys. And now we're going to remove the bridge pins from the bridge. Now, a bridge pin is basically a little piece of plastic or bone or sometimes wood that secures the string in the bridge. So these six black pins are what we'll be removing now. Again, I said it's possible to change the strings on an acoustic guitar without using any tools. So if you want to, you can simply reach in with your fingers and pinch the bridge pin and it will pull right out, just like that. And then you'll simply lift the loosened string out. Acoustic guitar strings have this little bead on the end that the bridge pin--that keeps the string inside the hole in the bridge. Now again, if you have one of these string-winder tools with the little groove inside it, you simply push it up against the bridge pin and then use some levering action to raise it out. Like that. So again, I'll just remove the rest of these. I'll do a couple by hand. And as I'm removing these, I'm taking the strings and moving them to this side and resting them on my leg. And I always put the bridge pins right back into the bridge as soon as I take the old string out because the worst thing you can do is get halfway through changing your strings and then realized that you've lost one of these bridge pins, and then you'll have to scour your house or go to the store to find a new one.


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