Tips on Reading Piano Sheet Music

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Reading piano sheet music is difficult at first but then becomes easier with practice. Learn some great basic tips on how to read sheet music for the piano in this free music lesson video clip on beginning piano lessons.

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Video Transcript

Okay, now we're going to focus in and talk about the basics of looking at the music. How to correctly read it and how to find some of the starting points that you're going to want to know right when you first look at the first piece of music that you have. So, here, let me go ahead and show you exactly what I'm talking about and point out some of the different aspects that we're looking at. When we look at music here, we're going to look at the very beginning. You read the music the same way that you'd read a book. You'd want to look at it and follow the line across and then jump down to the next line. So you're going to go from left to right and then jump down to the next line and continue reading. Okay? But when we start, now the first thing you're going to want to look at, okay, these lines here, there are five lines here. This is called the staff and on the staff we have all the different notes that come along with that. This is the clef or the symbol that will show you where you're going to position yourself on the keyboard to find those notes. This here is a time signature. The time signature will tell you one, if you look at the top number, this will tell you how many beats are in a measure and if you look at the bottom note, this will tell you what note actually gets the beat. If it's a four like this, the quarter note is going to get the beat. Alright, now let me show you a couple of different examples of the types of clefs we've got. We've got a little harder music here but, if we're still looking at the beginning of this, we've got this example here at the beginning. And, on the top here, is the treble clef. Okay? And on the bottom, we've got this bass clef. This looks, obviously, a little different. You can tell the difference. This is going to show you where you are again on the keyboard and how to position your hands.


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