Costumes for Latin Characters

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Making a costume for a one woman show. Learn how to act as a Latin character in this free video on theater and performance.

Part of the Video Series: How to Do a Latin Character
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Video Transcript

I call her Lola and I've put this outfit together. One of the hints that I want to share with you is I made this necklace. This necklace was given to me as a bracelet. Don't look at anything and said what it is. Say what I can make out of it. I hung these beads from the necklace and its all one piece that I can put on very quickly and it all snaps in the back of my neck. The dress itself, I found some sequined material that I thought would be just wonderful. An aunt was throwing it out and I said, I'll take that. I added some ruffles, which were already made. And with the dress, I just draped the rest of the material over me. I closed it in the front and I put pins. They're safety pinned because I never know just how much leg I want to show and if I'm on a raised stage, I want to make sure it's closed a little bit more because people are sitting below me. But the one comment I always get is about my shoes. When you're playing a Carmen Miranda-type character, as my Lola is, you have to have the platform shoes. That, you don't know how many times I have heard from people, "oh, my goodness, look at her shoes." Well, now, it wouldn't be Carmen Miranda without some fruit on your head. An easy way to do this, is take just a regular black had and hot glue empty fruit. Please use empty fruit because this hat starts getting very, very heavy. You remember earlier in the segments when I told you to make sure that you rehearse in your costume? Well this is why. Pin it on very well, two or three pins, whatever you need because the hat is the crowning glory of the Lola character. Now you are ready to do your music and to have a good time. No? Si, si.


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