How to Make a Coin Vanish

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Learn how to perform a basic coin trick like a professional magician in this free magic lesson video.

Part of the Video Series: Magic Tricks For Beginner Magicians
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Video Transcript

I am a professional magician, and today we are going to go over some basic magic tricks. This is a trick I will do when I am out at a restaurant or bar and somebody hands me a coin and says do a trick; this is the trick I will do. Place the coin in the hand, give it a wave, snap, coin disappears, close the hand, rub the back, snap, coin comes back. Okay and this is how you will do that trick. It is broken down into the three parts. Each part is a fundamental technique for coin magic that can help you with all types of coin magic, not this particular trick alone, but with a lot. First thing you will need to learn is something called a French drop. Basically, you’re going to want to hold the coin like this; and to get in that position, you just want to make sure your hand is creating a C type of thing, and that it is like that, thumb on top, fingers on the bottom. And basically when the hand comes over to grab it, what happens behind cover of the hand grabbing it is, you just drop the coin behind the fingers like this. And this is the best way to actually practice the move is just without your hand, just dropping it, so you can get used to the knack of dropping it into finger palm position. And basically the way the trick goes exposed, when you go over to grab the coin and you drop the coin, the hand just mimes taking it. It does not really take it, it just stays there; and they cannot see that because of a Ramsey subtlety, plus you have it in finger palm position. So, they think it is there, and then what happens is this hand is going to come up and wave for the magic pass. But to do that, you have to take it out of finger palm and press it in the classic palm, like so. That way it frees up all fingers and thumb, so you can do the wave; and then when you open your hand, do not just open it like that, you know, do a little crumbling motion, a little bit of presentation, and then slowly reveal that it is gone. With it still in classic palm—you needed it to be in classic palm to do that—you are going to keep it there; you are going to show the front and the back of the hand; you close the hand up, because you are going to make the coin reappear. If you just vanish their coin, it is kind of rude. You want to give them their money back. So, you close the hand up, and you are going to drop the coin from classic palm into this part of your hand. And as you rub the back, the hand comes over. You are actually going to just drop it on the hand, and let it work its way down as you are rubbing, and then you come over, you do a snap for the magic moment, because if it just appears there with no magic moment, you will look kind of silly; so then you open it to reveal it.


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