Four Aces Illusion Magic Tricks Revealed

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See the four aces illusion magic tricks revealed in this free magic lesson video.

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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Dave Foydel. I am here with Expert Village and I am here in this clip here to talk about how to make your friends select the four aces from a randomly shuffled deck. So all you’ll need for this trick is a deck of cards; now you can use your own or even borrow it from someone. The cards can be shuffled up, and then you give them to the spectator, have them cut the cards into two piles and then have them cut each of those piles in half leaving you with four piles. Now you have them pick up one of the piles, take the cards, you are going to take the top three cards, move them from the top to the bottom of the deck and then you are going to deal at a card on each pile. Now we are going to do the same thing with the next deck; three cards from the top, we go to the bottom, and then will deal one, two, three cards. Same thing with the third the top three cards, go to the bottom, then you will deal out one, two, three cards, and last but not least, you will have the spectator to take the top three cards, put them to the bottom on the fourth pile and deal out cards. Now make a big deal, so you did not touch the cards at all, they did all the work and when they go to turnover the tops of the cards and there are the four aces. So for the four aces trick, all you will really need to do is take off four of the aces and put them on the top of the pack, that is pretty much it, other than following where they are going to cut the cards and I will get to that in a minute, but to make this trick a bit easier to follow first, I am going to turn the aces face up, so that you can see where they are at the whole time. Now in the performance, they would be face down. So you will get a deck to them, have them cut the cards at half and cut each pile into half. Now when it comes to the next part when you tell them what to do, you have to make sure that they start the opposite end of where the aces are, so the aces are here. I am going to start over here. They will pick up the pile, and you tell them to pick the top three cards to the bottom and then deal out a card on each pile, and they will continue with the next one, three to the bottom a card on each pile and the third pile, three here, one, two, three, and now here is the magic right here, this pile here when they take the top three cards, from the top and put them to the bottom, it puts the aces right back on top, so when they go to deal them out, the aces will be right on top of the packs. That is how you have the spectator cut to all four aces.


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