Adding Blood & Gashes to Zombie Makeup

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Looking for scary Halloween costumes? Learn how to add blood and gashes to your zombie makeup in this free video clip about making a zombie Halloween costume.

Part of the Video Series: How to Make a Zombie Costume
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Video Transcript

Now we have a decision to make. It depends more on what type of zombie you're going for. Are you going for a zombie that looks like it's just risen from the dead? If that's the case, then this zombie's going to largely get you there. There's the gaunt; there's the decay: that's fine. But if you're going for a zombie that is--shall we say--has more recently joined the ranks of the deceased, we're going to want to put in some more juicy effects. First off, I start by making a bloody nose. Simply go up underneath the nostril and start coming down. Unlike our previous effects, this is not going to be blended. This going to look like a definite barrier...border between the fainter colors we've already painted, and now this bright, red blood. Again, this only works for zombies that are more freshly dead, because after you die, the blood congeals, and it won't have this bright red appearance anymore. People will sometimes do this because they want a little more contrast in their color. They don't want just the muted colors; they want some of that bright red blood. And if this is the case, you can certainly do this. You can also do it by extending blood down from the eyes. That's a freaky effect as well. Another thing you can do is extend blood from the ears, over along the ears, along the side. Again, like coming down onto the jawline even, framing that.


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