How to Check Your Work on Paper Snowflakes

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Learn how to checkup on your work for making paper snowflakes in this free Christmas crafts video.

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Video Transcript

I'm gonna show you today how to make paper snowflakes. Next, lets see how our snowflake is doing. When you start to feel hey you know I think I've done enough cutting, it helps immensely to unfold your snowflake entirely and kind of see how things are going. So, lets do that now, you're gonna take your paper triangle. And you'll have to be careful because sometime some of these things you've cut sometimes they can hook together so you don't want to rip anything. So, just very gently unfold it all the way back to what it was. And hey, alright now. O.K. so let's like focus on what we like and what we don't like. What we like, the outer edges are looking pretty interesting. This is looking you know this is looking pretty cool. It doesn't look like you know that shark concern, you know that's fine actually. It's looking pretty cool it's looking snowflake like. But, then the snowflake becomes very very dull. All in its center, this is too much paper, this is boring. So, what we are gonna do then, is after your evaluating you kind of see what you want changed. Refold everything again, exactly how you had it before. And then look for those edges, in this case here, where a lot of that boreness was coming from. Grab your handy scissors and then start making some more cuts in here to make this snowflake's filling as interesting as the outer edges.


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