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How to act like an elf in an elf costume in this free Christmas party costume video.

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I'm going to show you today how to create an elf costume. With your elf costume ready, you have to make sure that you know how to act like an elf. That means understanding a couple of basic things of elf etiquette or otherwise, elf behavior. These are not the fantasy warrior elves running around. These are Santa's elves. They're happy and full of joy and just want to make toys. First off, you basically kind of like think about how to move around like an elf. You're happy, bouncing around. You have a toy with you you've been building all year long. The toy is going to be leading you. You're going to be leading the toy around. You're going to be really just happy. Imagine the happiest you've even been and multiply it by a factor of 5. There you go. You're just going to be a super happy elf. Don't be grumpy. If you're going to have an elf costume on, you've got to be happy. Another thing to keep in mind is how you talk. You're going to speak in a very high voice. You're going to say hello. Hello. See what I mean, a very, very high voice. Elves are happy and full of cheer and their voices are very, very high. There's not bass here. You're going to be able to say things like Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays! Be of good cheer! Be of good cheer! Exactly like that. With these 2 things in mind, basically being able to hop around, frolic, and that combined with happy voice and a happy expression, you're going to automatically be able to doubly enhance your elf costume for this holiday season.


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