Making a Snowman to Decorate Graham Cracker Gingerbread House

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Learn easy-to-follow instructions for making a marshmallow snowman to decorate a graham cracker gingerbread house with expert tips in this free Christmas craft video.

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In this final step of creating our graham cracker gingerbread house, we're gonna create this cute little snowman to adorn our house. You need to start with three marshmallows, and we squish them down a bit to make them kind of round looking. We're gonna put a dab of our royal icing to hold his body parts together. Squish those together, and in his middle section there, I'm gonna take a toothpick and break it in half, and stick that in the sides for his arms. His little head goes on the same way. Let's try to find a good front. Let's see...there he goes. I'm gonna take this piece of candy. These are these little jelly candy strips and it's kind of sparkly and striped like a scarf. We're gonna wrap it around his neck. Put a little dab of royal icing to hold the scarf in place. Now we're gonna keep a damp rag nearby cause we're gonna take two gumdrops. One, we're gonna squeeze flat, like the brim of a hat. Just flatten it out till it gets to be a coin shape. If it starts getting sticky just use your damp rag; and then the other gum drop, we're gonna squish down just a a hat. Our poor snowman fell over. I'm gonna lean him up against there. I'm gonna take another toothpick and break it in half. Stick it halfway through the brim, and I'm gonna put a little dab on that and go into the jelly. Before I put his hat on I'm gonna use a toothpick dipped in my black paste here. This is just black food coloring, but it's in a paste form, and very tiny, I'm gonna dot two eyes and a little mouth. Just drawing it on with a toothpick. We'll attach his hat, and I'm gonna use a little bit of royal paste, and attach him here by our house, and there he is, and the final touch, we're gonna add a little bit of snow. And that's how you make a snowman and a graham cracker gingerbread house.


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