How to Make a Halloween Tree with Paper

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Easy Halloween decorations! Learn how to make a twisted scary tree for a Halloween party in this free video clip about Halloween decorations.

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Video Transcript

Now we're going to do some branches. You have your bag like this and you cut each side in half. We can twist. This side I didn't cut in half yet. I’m going to twist it a little bit before. You just twist like this. Then you take this section and you can twist it. Then take the next section. I'm just grabbing it in my hand and twisting it like so. When you get twisted a little, then you cut it in half again and twist the 2 sections. I gave it a couple twists there. Now, I'm going to cut that section in half and continue twisting, always twisting in the same direction. When you get to the end you just keep twisting it until it bunches. Now I'm going to cut this piece in half. You can make as many branches as you want. Yu just keep on twisting it. The branches get smaller and smaller as you go up. Now you've got this one here. We'll cut that in half and twist. Right here. It almost looks like a sculpture and it's so easy to do. The more you twist it the more like a tree it looks. Here's our last branch. We can cut that in half, just twist it, and crunch it until you like the way it looks. I'm going to tighten up some of these ends. Then just take a look at it. You can really twist it and mold it to any way you like it. There. Then it sits right there. That really looks like a twisted tree.


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