German Christmas Traditions

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German Christmas traditions involve many unique holiday activities. Learn more about the Christmas traditions in Germany with this free holiday video.

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Video Transcript

We're talking about different Christmas traditions from around the world. In Germany, Christmas begins, the Christmas time begins on December 6th. And families spend much of the time from then until Christmas Eve setting aside special time to bake lots of different goodies. Ginger bread houses and spice cakes and little dolls made out of candy. It's actually very cute. And in some parts of Germany, it's believed that the Christ Child actually has a messenger a messenger who comes and brings toys to the children. And she appears in the form of an angel. So the children like to write letters and decorate them all shiny and sparkly and leave them on the window sills for the angel who then leaves them presents. And in other areas, they are, the children are actually kept out of a room. A room is locked up and that is where all of the presents are kept until Christmas Eve. And then on Christmas Eve at midnight, the parents wake the children up and take them down to this room where they can open it up, unlock the door and reveal a Christmas tree beautifully decorated with a plethora of presents underneath. And by the way, in Germany they love Christmas trees. Almost every house has more than one. And they also like to keep an advent calendar where children like to keep track of how many days until Christmas by using the advent calendar, which basically you open up little windows every night and there's a picture depicting a Christmas scene behind each door. It's very fun. There are a lot of traditions and it sounds like being a child in Germany at Christmas time has a lot of really great benefits.


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