How to Decorate Gingerbread Man Cookies

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Learn how to decorate the gingerbread men when making gingerbread men cookies in this free holiday cooking video.

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To demonstrate how to decorate cookies I'm going to just use a little bit of white in a pastry bag with a plain tip. And let's do one little girl and one little boy. So we've got some curly hair for the girl and of course when you have different colors, you can show different things and then we're going to pipe on a dress. We're going to know that it is a dress because we're going to continue across her feet. It's all about what you want to make. So we've got a little girl there and I will come back to her. And we've got a little boy here. Maybe just a little bit of hair across the top and we can give him some overalls and just continue the piping up. Maybe give him some pant legs going across the feet. Anything you can think of is going to work. For faces you can either pipe in your faces, you can also use miniature chocolate chips for the eyes. And one really great thing, once you pipe in an outline, you can then use a more verbal spreadable frosting. If you get it so that it's a pourable consistency, then it's going to stay within the lines that you created by piping. Now you can either pipe in the same color or in a contrasting color and a nice green color here for frosting. Of course you can definitely make it a darker green. If you get it to a pouring consistency then you just need to pour a little bit on and then it's going to stay within the lines. So just make sure to let the piping on the outside dry first. Otherwise it's just going to kind of mix in together. So for demonstrating of course I did not let it dry first and you're going to have a little bit of it mixing. This is a little bit thicker than pouring consistency but it's still a great texture for spreading it. If you are going to be making lots of gingerbread people, I recommend getting a helper. You can also use candies, adding to them maybe red hot candies for buttons or miniature chocolate chips for buttons. You can use certainly any color of the rainbow that you can think of for doing their clothing. You can also add other cookies to enhance the scene. You can also do a stand up cookie. You can cut a base for them and then just have it stand up just like that. And then you can add various things around there. Your imagination is the only limit that you have when it comes to decorating cookies.


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