Gift Wrapping Ideas: Saran Wrap

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Sometimes the not-so-obvious like Saran wrap make a great source for gift wrapping. Watch this free video clip and see how a gift wrapping expert is able to wrap a present with this strange material.

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Video Transcript

Ok we've got a stripe on our box and we've gone into the kitchen and we've raided our drawer for some just ordinary cling film. You know how this stuff is, it's always stuck to itself, you got to get it started and it's so thin. And actually the fact that it sticks to itself is going to work in our favor. Some of you won't need to use any tape. On a hard surface I usually use my kitchen counter, you know your island or craft table. Open it up so that you've got, whoops, we've got a little problem there, there we go. I'm going to open it up until you've got a nice start, where it's nice and flat and you don't have any wrinkles. Then we are going to trim off the parts and you have to do this every time. If you figure out a way to do it without that you just let me know. Now we've got a nice beginning and we can put our box right in the center of that. Then we are going to wrap it up. This makes it look so finished, oh so cute. And now I'm not using the little serrated edge on the box because it just never turns out right. But this always does. Lay it on there so delicate, smooth it as best you can. Try not to have a lot of wadding on the sides. Not the end of the world if you have some though. And then we are going to overlap that and smooth. We are just going to pull out our edges because it's going to invariably, you just have to expect it, it's going to just bunch up on you. You can't get frustrated about it. Fold up the sides stick it to itself. Now if it doesn't quite reach, a little bit of scotch tape will serve you well. But mine happens to be the right size box so I'm not going to need that. And, whoops it's a little bunched there. I'm not going to cry about that. Terrific, now it's shiny and ready for some ribbon.


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