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Tips on adding food coloring to a thick Christmas cookie vanilla icing recipe in this free holiday dessert video.

Part of the Video Series: Decorating Christmas Sugar Cookies
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Video Transcript

Alright, now I'm going to show you how to make some colored icings. We're going to take some of the thick icing we made a minute ago, the thick frosting we made, just put a little bit, this is going to be our, we're going to use for our detail work. Seeing as how it's Christmas stuff, I figure we'd do red and green. There's a little bit there, I got some on my finger, get rid of that, mmm. So I've got some, it's actually some spray food coloring I got to decorate cookies with but also you can just spray it directly, you got to shake it up really well though. That's going to be our red, and you can use regular food coloring too, it's just that I happen to have this lying around, so. All this is is aerosol food coloring, oh what happened there? Uh oh! Alright. So you just take, once again, the trusty fork, and stir that in and you'll end up with a nice, well in this case, pink, not sure why that happened. There's that, and also I recommend getting the, these aerosol food colorings because I?ll show you why. We're going to actually use them to paint some of the cookies with and it's a really neat effect. So there's our red, let's go ahead and get our green mixed up. I mean you don't have to do red and green obviously, but I figured the holiday thing here, red and green. Alright, great! So there's our two colored icings. I've got red, and I've got green. It actually looks much greener in person, I assure you and let's start decorating.


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