How to Use Ribbons for Wrapping Gifts

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Learn how to wrap a box with ribbon in this free video about gift wrapping ideas and techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi! This is Diana and now I am going to show you a little bit different way to wrap your package with a ribbon. I am going to use the wide flat ribbon and I am going to start about two feet into the ribbon because I am going to use this whole end to make a bow when I am finished. So this is a ribbon that is going to go around each corner rather than crisscross through the middle. So, use your thumb to hold down the ribbon leaving your two feet of ribbon on one end and go around the back, around the back corner and around the front corner. Now you have these two ribbons on the front parallel to each other, round the other back corner and up to where you started. Now you can cut your ribbon off and I am just going to tie a regular bow knot; nice and tight, pull it tight with the loops of the bow the size that you like them and I like to squish them a little bit, so that they stand up pretty. At the ends of this ribbon, I am going to curl like I did the smaller ribbon by using one side of the scissors and the ribbon between my thumb and the scissors, pull it tight and hold, make sure that you are holding your scissors on the underside of the curling part and I do not think it will curl as well if you try to zip it on the top. So, underneath the curl part, hold it tight and now what I am going to do for a little extra fun is I am just going to shred this, so just pull it, take the end and you might have to cut it a little bit at the end to start it with the scissors but I am just using my fingernails to shred it. So, now I have my little bow and I have my curly ends and the ribbon is crisscross.


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