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Using different deflections taught in Wing Tsun is useful for building a solid defense. Learn more about Wing Tsun from a professional martial artist in the free video.

Part of the Video Series: Beginning Wing Tsun Techniques
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Video Transcript

Now we're going to learn how to use the six deflections against an attack. Continuing the series on Wing-Chun blocks, we're going to go through some basic blocks. So we have Wu-sau. We showed you before the basic move. wu-sau is deflecting the person with the wrist pushing forward like this. As he's punching, I'm deflecting with wu-sau across the wrist. I can do it on the outside, this is called the outside of the person, outside gate, or the inside gates, wu-sau across here. So this will be wu-sau on the outside, this would be wu-sau on the inside. I can do it against the other arm, wu-sau on the inside, and then he punches here, wu-sau on the outside. Or I can combine them; wu-sau on the outside here, wu-sau on the outside here. Okay, that's the basic blocks for wu-sau. Next one we're going to go through after wu-sau, we have pak-sau. Pak-sau if he punches here, I can pak-sau, which is a slap block on the inside. I can pak-sau on the outside. All these blocks when you deflect, you're going to also hit at the same time you deflect. So if he punches here, as I delfect I go to hit. If I do it the same thing on the inside, I can deflect and hit from here. I could also pak-sau the back arm, and hit from here. Or I could pak-sau the back arm this way, come across. So, pak-sau is a slap block, slapping the person away with the hand. Okay, you can use the left side here, or you can use the right side. You can use both both of them. So we have wu-sau, pak-sau, tong-sau. Tong-sau, the palm is up, tong-sau means palm-up block. The palm is up deflecting the punch away; that can be on the outside, or it can also be on the inside deflecting the punch away this way. Same thing. So if he punches with this hand, I can tong-sau on this side, or I can tong-sau on the outside here. So you have wu-sau, pak-sau, tong-sau. Jum-sau. Jum-sau is like wu-sau; pushing forward with the wrist, but it sinks down. So if he's punching more chest level, I would jum-sau, push down the wrist to deflect and punch. If he punches with this arm, same thing, I jum-sau, push down the wrist and punch. So you have wu-sau, pak-sau, tong-sau, jum-sau, bong-sau. Bong-sau. Bong-sau is the next one. Bong-sau as he's punching here, I'm deflecting with the arm; Bong-sau means "Wings of Crane", deflects with the arm the back arm is up. Wing-Chun style is a combination of Snake and Crane styles. This would be the wing arm. And then I can go into a strike. Or, I can bong-sau this arm if he punches from here, I can bong-sau on the inside this way. So bong-sau is deflecting the back arm is up in a wu-sau position deflecting. So again the back arm he punches here, I bong-sau across here; he punches here, I can bong-sau this way as well with the back arm. Lop-sau. Lop-sau is a grab. When he's punching here I make a circular motion like this, not passing my shoulder, palm is facing him; I grab the arm, and that can go into a lop-sau grab. So on the outside, block the arm here. Same thing if he punches here. He throws a punch, I lop-sau on the inside. I can do that with both arms. He punches with this arm, I can lop and hit him here. He punches with this arm again, I can lop and hit him here. So those are some of the basic blocks: You have wu-sau, pak, tong, jum, bong, lop. The next section we're going to go through combining the blocks with kicks.


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