Using a Groin Kick in Self-Defense for Women

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Learn how to use groin kicks in this free women's self defense video.

Part of the Video Series: Krav Maga for Women
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Video Transcript

Time. Okay, this is Steve Jimenez back here with Marissa Esquivel again, and what we just went over right now were front kicks to the groin; the groin area being the target area. One of the things is, you do not want to try and deliver this kick from a stressed situation. You need to be relaxed, you need to be calm, and you need to try to control yourself a little bit so that you can deliver the maximum speed and maximum power with your technique. We are going to go ahead and go over this technique again real nice and slow. Marissa is in a fighting stance, and we are going to start off in the fighting stance. From here in her fighting stance, hands are up, knees are slightly bent. She is locked and loaded, ready to go. From here she is going to drive her knee forward towards the target. As she drives her knee forward she is going to snap her foot out, actually making contact with her shin. When she comes in, notice how her foot is going to be beyond the target, her toe, but be beyond the target, so if she were kicking me to the groin, if I’m here, it would look something like this. When she comes through with her power, notice how her hip actually gets into the technique. This is where a lot of power is going to come from. Right there. See how she smashed the hip. That hurt, good. And time. Also keep in mind, any technique, anything that you are using, you always want to try and keep your guard up. If you are kicking, if you are kneeing, you always want to try and keep your guard up at the same time. That is pretty much one of our golden rules. Notice too, when she is delivering this kick, she is exhaling. She is breathing on impact. That is one of the things that is really important. That what is going to help you stay relaxed, be able to recoil faster and even before that, be able to deliver maximum power and speed.


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