Carjacking Defense Moves with Krav Maga

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In this free video clip, learn how to defend yourself in a carjacking situation using Krav Maga techniques and disciplines for self-defense.

Part of the Video Series: Krav Maga Self Defense Techniques
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Video Transcript

Hi! I am Steve “The Dragon” Jimenez along with Heath Jones. In this segment we are going to go over car jacking. Its one of the most growing attacks in America right now and again keep in mind there is no object that is more valuable than your life. If all they want you is your car step out of the vehicle give the keys whatever but if the threat is eminent you know you need to defend yourself and do so immediately. I am sitting in my vehicle may be you know I am sitting in one of those new high priced cars, you know new Mercedes or something or a new Lexus and you know somebody walks up with a weapon. You know I am sitting in a street waiting for a traffic light and an attacker comes up locks up pointing the gun in my face. Now this defense is going to work if there is nobody in front of me I have to be in a position where I can take off. From here I am going to redirect the weapon is in my face I am going to go straight up redirecting the weapon pulling it down into the dash inside the vehicle and not to the outside. This wall right here or the frame of the windows going to allow for a little bit support. Then from here I will put the car - the car should already be in drive - and drive off as I am driving off making sure that the weapon stays in front and in the line of fire stays away because if he is still holding on which an attacker will. One thing you got to keep in my mind with the weapon, all the power is in the weapon. So the attacker of the power so the attacker is going to fight to keep that weapon. He is not going to think about trying to punch me you know right away. He is not trying to do that. All he is going to do is he is going to think about trying to get that weapon back. So if he is holding up to the weapon and I do not maintain control of the weapon will come right back on me defeating the entire purpose of the defense. So from here I am going to keep the weapon up against the dash here keep in my arm straight and locked strong, I am going to drive forward as I drive forward his finger will pull away. He will want to give up, he will want to let it go; from there I take the weapon again as I am driving up even though the seen is not here I never want to bring the weapon back into the line of fire. I want to bring the weapon down here in the way and place it on the floor in the car and then you drive off to the police station.


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