A Hit Pass Racquetball Shot

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A hit pass shot is very important in the game of racquetball. Here is a free video to help you become a better player.

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Video Transcript

Everybody likes to hit a kill shot, which is a shot that hits just inches off the front wall. But it's not always the best strategy to go for a kill shot every single time. So you have to incorporate good strategy and hit pass shots, but when do you hit a pass shot? Often times you want to hit a pass shot when the kill shot's not working. So the perfect shot obviously is really low, kill shots but not everybody, and even the best players in the world can't always hit the ball that high, or that low. So sometimes you want to bring it up and use good strategy on pass shots because that can be just as effective. So, if the kill shots not working, switch to a pass shot. You don't have to hit the ball this high to have it be effective. A nice pass shot, knee or chest high, as long as it stays on this wall or cross court can really throw your opponent off so it's great strategy to hit just a simple pass shot. You don't have to swing as hard, you don't have to get as low. Just stand here, bend your legs and hit a nice simple pass shot. You'll find yourself, that working way more often than trying to hit kill shots over and over and over again.


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