How to Change into Your Wet Suit or Bikini

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Expert surfer teaches how to easily change from your wet suit to your bikini, in this free surfing video for girls learning how to surf.

Part of the Video Series: How to Surf for Girls
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Schell Michael. I'm here with Expert Village and today we're going to be doing a series on how to surf. It's time to go from your clothes to your wet suit or from getting out of the water, from your wet suit back into your clothes or into your bikini. Men, hopefully you're not wearing a bikini, if you're watching this video, but for the ladies I'm directing this towards. It can definitely be tricky, but there are many ways you can do it. A good thing would be to probably just bring a pretty good sized beach towel. You'll wrap it around you kind of like, sort of in a toga, you could put it around your neck, or you could just wrap it around, roll it over and just kind of shimmy it down, shimmy out whatever you have underneath and then you just go ahead and put the wet suit on and then you'll pull that up and once you get pretty close to the top then you'll be able to take off your shirt and then put everything in. A lot of people like to get into their wet suit naked, it's more comfortable, you're not having to worry about fixing your bathing suit you're like, "Oh, my bathing suit's up my butt". There is no way you're going to be out there in the ocean, trying to fix your bikini. It's like, if it goes from a bikini to a thong, it just stays there. So, you're best bet is probably just to go completely naked under your wet suit, then you don't got to worry about any of that. If you're lucky there's a bathroom or an empty lifeguard stand that you can change into, but the best way is to wrap yourself in a towel and just kind of get that on and off. It gets tricky but after a while you get the hang of it.


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