How to Slam in Ping Pong

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Learn how to slam in ping pong in this free video lesson on ping pong.

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Video Transcript

The funnest shots you can hit is the slam. There's nothing better than to drive a ball hard across the net and have it hit on the table and your opponent is left falling backwards and has no chance for it because you hit it ninety miles per hour. What you want to do on that type of a shot, obviously as a beginner you are not going to be able to hit a lot of slams from down low like a pro would or somebody that was intermediate or somebody that played a lot of ping-pong they can obviously do. Most of the time they are doing it with a lot of spin. What I'm going to talk about right now is the high ball that you get. If you are playing somebody that's not very good, chances are you are going to see a few balls that bounce very high off the table. In order to end the point quickly, the way that I usually do it is if you get a high ball you are coming low to high with your shot so your arm is starting low even though the ball may be higher, you are starting low and finishing high so that you are actually putting some top spin on the shot even though it may be way up and you want to just slap it down. That's usually the worst way to hit the shot cause a lot of times you can't tell where the ball's going to end up because the wrist becomes too much of a factor. You want to keep your wrist locked and use your arm, again not the wrist. Just follow through you're probably going to have to encroach on the edge of the table as much as you can if it?s a short ball and then you're just driving the ball with your arm down into the table. You don't want over swing cause you might pull something, but a good solid swing should put the ball away pretty dramatically. It'll put a smile on your face, I guarantee it.


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