Youth Basketball Conditioning: Rebounding Drills

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Become a better rebounder. Learn how to do rebound conditioning drill to improve youth basketball player skills and stamina in this free coaching lesson video.

Part of the Video Series: Basketball Drills for Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

Hi, this Sean Hobson. One thing we want to try to do is we want to incorporate as many basketball skills into our conditioning as possible when we put together a basketball practice. One we're going to show you right here is to work on the idea of rebounding. Now, if our players decide that in a game they don't want to really rebound, that's something we strongly encourage. We do a little drill afterwards for as many rebounds as we get out-rebounded in a game, we do this little drill. You take a heavy ball--as heavy as you can find they're going to hold the ball up over their heads, and they're going to run to half court and back. Now this doesn't look like that bad of a drill, but after you do about fifteen or twenty of these, your arms and shoulders are really hurting. Therefore, the next time that they get in a game, they remember I should probably rebound so I don't have to hold that heavy ball over my head again. So, this is called the heavy ball run. Go. They touch the line and they come back. Good. And they'll do that--we usually do about fifteen of those or twenty, depending on what kind of rebounding we did that night. The other thing that's good is called wall jumps. What they're going to do is they're going to face the wall, you're going to keep the ball up above your head, you're going to jump up as high as you can, hit the ball on the wall and come down. As soon as you come down, you're going back up. And you're going to do that for about twenty-five to thirty seconds, where you just go up and put the ball up as high as you can. Go. All right, stop. And again, if you do that for about thirty or forty seconds, that also is going to put a good burn, so you're going to get good conditioning in not only your feet but also your shoulder area, and you're going to be working on rebounding as well by ripping the ball down with the heavy ball. So these are some good drills you can do. Not only skills, but conditioning as well.


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