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Catch the defender off-guard. Learn how to make backdoor cut in the motion offense in youth basketball in this free basketball coaching video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. Right now we're working with the motion offense. We're going to show you a little bit of a back door cut style that you can work with this motion offense. This is was made famous by Princeton and now used by Georgetown a lot where they're going to use a lot of back door cuts. The way you're going to use back door cuts and the way that you back door cut is you're going to set this stuff up. Now, how this works is, we want our wing player to really sell this back door cut. Here's how you know when to do a back door: if you've got a defense that really over plays, and what I mean by "over plays" is, I'm constantly, if he comes up, the defender really overplays him. If you know your defenders are going to overplay you all the way out on the perimeter than we want to start using back door cuts. And what we're going to do with that is, we want that this guy to come screaming up for the ball, like he really wants the ball because me, as a defender thinks he's going to get the ball. So I'm going to play him hard all the way up. Now, you're going to see me playing hard up. What he did right there was, he was yelling, "Ball, ball, ball" but at the same time he was showing a fist. Anytime he shows a fist, this guy knows he's going back door. He's going to stop and then he's going to reverse his direction, he's not going to come straight up. He's going to stay low, he's going to go and he's going to put that hand out and that's what we call the back door. This is the back door off the fake. When he makes the pass, he wants to lead the pass. We're going to show you one more back door real quick and this is the dribble back door. Sometimes, if he's got good pressure defense over here, he's not going to be able to get open. What we're going to have our guard do is dribble at this guy. Anytime that the guard dribbles over, this guy's going to come out to challenge the guard. Anytime he challenges and turns his head this guy knows to go back door. All I have to do is simply turn my head, he's going back door and he steps inside and throws the pass because the defender, when he turns around it's too late. So there's two ways you can back door: one, you could back door off the fake, two, you can dribble over, when somebody dribbles over go back door, it's open every time. The back door is one of the best moves you can use in the motion.


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