Youth Basketball Motion Offense: First Pass

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Get the play started. Learn what happens after first pass in the motion offense in youth basketball in this free basketball coaching video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson and right now we're walking through our motion offense. The way that we always want to start our motion offense and make the first pass is, always when we start in the motion offense; we want our wing players to start down. We always start in what's called a one-four low set, with our one point guard up and our two forwards and our two posts down low. Then, as the point guards bringing it up to make the first pass, we want our wing players to pop up to the high wing area. So, once those guys pop up then our point guard is going to make a decision. Now, whichever direction he makes the pass, that's going to start which direction we go in our motion offense. So, first of all, go ahead and make the pass. Now, he passed off to the left. When the first pass is made, a couple of things are going to happen. One, when this guy catches the ball he wants to turn and face inside, this guy wants to go across and set a screen for the wing, the wing wants to step down, pop up off the screen; he's going to come back to the top. The other thing that's going to happen on the first pass is, the ball side post player is going to screen away to this screener or to this center and this center is going to come across and post. The majority of the time, once this first pass is made right here, then it's going to set up the post inside. That's what happens on the first pass in the motion offense.


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