Youth Basketball Warmup Drills: Box Out Competition

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Tips for getting ready for the game. Learn how to play box out competition to warm up for youth basketball in this free coaching lesson video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. We want to show right now a game-type situation, kind of a fun way that you can incorporate boxing out into practice. And what we're really concentrating on is the box out. So the way that this drill starts is, this is called a box out competition drill. And you can assign a point system to this and then see who wins it. What we're going to do right now is, we're going to have our shooter shoot the ball. When he does, this guy, our defender, is going to try to challenge his shot, and then he's going to box him out. Now here's the thing: if the offensive shot goes in, he gets one point for each offensive shot. If his shot goes in and he crashes the board and gets the rebound, he keeps putting it up until the defender gets the ball. This drill only stops--or it doesn't actually stop until I stop it--but it only changes players when the defense gets the rebound. So as Blake gets the rebound after the box out, you get two points for a defensive rebound. So what's happening is, we want this guy to get the rebound, instead of this guy making a bunch of shots. Once Blake gets a rebound, he's going to kick it back to the next man in line, and the offensive player will then go to defense. We're going to show you now, at full speed, how this drill works. Here we go, box out competition. Go get it. Box him out. Good. Blake, kick it out. D up on her. Good. Stay with it, stay with it. Good. Offense, get it. Good box out. Stay with it. Score it, score it, score it. Box him out. Good. Kick it out. Now Zack, you're on D. Good. Score it Kyle. All right, you're good. You're good. You're done. So that's called box out competition. We usually will go through this for maybe a minute and a half to two minutes, then we'll stop it. Whoever wins will shoot free throws, the rest will run, and then we'll switch baskets and we'll go again. This is called box out competition.


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