Youth Basketball Rules: Palming Violation

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Common dribbling violation. Learn about the palming violation in youth basketball in this free basic rules of basketball video.

Part of the Video Series: Rules and Fouls in Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. When understanding how the game of basketball works, the first thing you have to understand about basketball is what you can and cannot do on the court. What we want to talk about right now is something called "palming the ball" when you are dribbling, you have to make sure at all times that the top of your hand, is on the ball. Even if you're going to do a cross over, all you can do is slide the ball side to side. Or, if you're moving the ball front to back, you can move it with one hand. One thing you cannot do though is you cannot scoop the ball. You see how Hunter is doing that now, where he's getting his hand underneath the ball to give it more velocity, a lot of times we see this on a cross over, where somebody will be dribbling and they will switch over to the hand, and then they will cross it over to the other hand. Another thing you can't do is, if you dribble it too hard and too high, as long as you keep your hand on top of the ball that is okay. But, if you dribble it high and catch it with your hand underneath and turn it over, that is considered to be a violation. That's going to be a turnover and that's going to send the ball back to the other team. And so, you want to make sure that you never get that palm of that ball underneath the ball. Always keep your hand on top of it. And, then you'll be a successful dribbler.


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