Youth Basketball Rules: Double Dribble Violation

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No dribbling after you pick up the ball. Learn about double dribble violations in youth basketball in this free basic rules of basketball video.

Part of the Video Series: Rules and Fouls in Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. When understanding how the game of basketball works you've got to understand how the rules of the game work as well. That's going to make you a better player and it's going to help your team a lot more if you understand the rules. One of the biggest things that we see, one of the biggest violations that we see, is something called double dribble. Obviously, once you've put the ball on the floor, you can not touch the ball with your other hand; you can not pick the ball up and start to dribble again. A lot of times, and you see what he's doing right there, is he's dribbling kind of with both hands there. That's considered picking the ball up and double dribble. Another thing that we see sometimes, with double dribble is, if the guy is dribbling the ball sometimes they'll get their knee involved in it. Or they'll dribble it into themselves and then dribble it again. Those are all considered to be double dribbling. So the major rule that you want to remember is, if you're dribbling the ball you can't touch it with both hands, pick it up, or dribble it again. One other violation that kind of goes with that is, if you get the ball up too high and you dribble it over, that also can sometimes factor in to double dribbling. Main rule we want to remember is, once you've dribbled, once you pick it, you can not dribble again, that's double dribbling, that will cost your team.


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