Youth Basketball Rules: Traveling Violation

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Don't take too many steps with the basketball! Learn about a traveling violation in youth basketball in this free basic rules of basketball video.

Part of the Video Series: Rules and Fouls in Youth Basketball
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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. When understanding the game of basketball, you have to make sure and understand the rules that go along with the game. Some of these things, some of these rules are going to cost your team possessions. This one we're going to talk about right now is called a traveling. Usually the lower levels, this is a big deal, and this is something that happens quite often. There are different ways that you can travel. One way that you can travel is, if you're dribbling the ball and you pick up the ball, and you're not balanced and you take too many steps, that's called a travel. You're only allowed two steps. So if you're dribbling and you pick the ball up, and you go to stop, and you take that first step and you drag that back foot that is considered to be traveling. One other way is, if he's got the ball and I'm playing defense on him and he's trying to pivot, and he pivots out and he lifts that pivot foot at any time, that is considered to be a traveling. So you've got to make sure that when you're stepping with the ball, that you find a pivot foot and that you move on that same foot. Any time you move that foot or any time you take a step--here's a way that we see traveling a lot--one is, if he's getting ready to make a move, and he fakes with one foot, and then takes a step with the other and drags that back foot before he puts the ball on the floor. A lot of times we see that called as a travel. And the other one is, if he's dribbling in and he takes a jump stop, a lot of times when they take a jump stop, you'll see guys that'll shuffle their feet on a jump stop. The other common one, and I'll show, is the post. When the post gets the ball and they turn to work, a lot of times the post player will take a step, then they'll shot fake, and they'll bring that back foot up and they'll take a stutter step. And a lot of times when they're shot faking inside, they'll travel. So just remember, you got two steps. If you take more than that, it's called a travel. You're going to turn the ball over for your team.


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