Tips on Breaking in the Game of Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

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Learn how to cue break and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson.

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Video Transcript

We have now racked the balls and now will have a tip on breaking the balls. Game of 9 balls. According to VNES rules the balls are racked properly. One ball is the first ball that is hit. One ball must be the first ball hit when you are breaking the balls. As you are coming back your breaking lane is your head stream. The cue ball most be place at any area behind the head stream when you are breaking the balls. Most importantly regardless of where your cue ball is set, regardless at what angle you want to come into the rack, the most important thing is breaking the balls is hitting these balls as full as you possibly can. When your making contact with your cue ball into this ball you want all the force generated into the one ball into the rest of the balls. If your cue ball comes in at any angle off of this ball or it glances off this ball in any direction just a fraction off, then your cue ball ends up running wild around the table. You will end up with a cue ball on the floor. You will end up with a cue ball in a pocket or you will end up with your cue ball buried back here on the foot rail somewhere or you don't have to follow a shot. Ideally when you break the balls you want the cue ball square on the nose, catch this ball, cue ball will stay in the general area in the middle of the table. From this position regardless of where the balls are at, you should have yourself making a second shot provided that you made the ball in break. Now we will go into the actual break itself. Okay for the 9 ball break I prefer breaking from this angle here. I do use s drop cloth on my own table due the wear on the table. Setting my cue ball and you will come in, I do want to emphasize that the break does not completely fall on power. What you need is more consistency, you have better technique than power. You come trying to power the ball you are going to end up with a cue ball flying up all over the place. But you do build up to your power, you build up your power by gaining confidence with just starting off with a medium to ¾ speed on the break and then once you start pocketing balls, once that you see that your break is working, your cue ball is landing up in this general area, then you can increase in the power of the break and if you are increasing the power in the break you start losing your cue ball, you start loosing control, then you just back off a little bit and then eventually when you gain confidence in your stroke you will progress in eventually become a power breaker. Once again you will be following through you will come down, once you make contact with that cue ball it is going to be one continues stroke you are going to follow all the way through as far a possible. You are going to come in, I'm aiming at that one ball. I want to hit it as square as possible, I'm coming in, looking at my ball.


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