Tips for Hitting a Cue Ball in Pool: Online Billiards Lessons for Beginners

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Learn how to hit a cue ball and other pool techniques for beginners in this free how to video clip lesson.

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Video Transcript

and now I'm going to show you a tip on hitting your cue ball center ball. Majority of your shots as you approach in beginner game you will be wanting to use center ball and that is probably the recommended choice of how you want to hit your cue ball. In this demonstration I'm going to be using 9 ball a strike ball in order to show this. What you want to do here is set your cue so that you are right where you believe is smack in the middle of that cue ball. As you are hitting the cue ball you are hitting it from this end of the table to the other end of the table you want your cue ball to roll straight back. If you are hitting off center meaning either a little bit over to the right or a little bit over to the left your 9 ball is going to waver as it is going down hill. You would see the strike waving and once it catches the rail it would probably even break off and it come off into another angle. Which means you are applying English into the cue ball that at the moment we are not in to English right now. We just want to hit this cue ball straight. Go straight up the rail and straight back at you, just like this. Now that I have demonstrated how, what the reaction is to this cue ball once it is hit center I will show you what would happen if you are actually hit off center. It does not take much to this cue ball in order to waver much as you would see now that I'm barely moving over very little much to the left side of the cue ball, here we go. So now that you have seen the difference and you see what effect that it will have if you do hit the cue ball off center and you start using this exercise to develop the center ball hit and get in embedded in your head that this is center of the ball and then you move over and you get natural cue ball and attempt the same type of shot, perfect.


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