Correct Motion for the Right Wrist & Shoulder in a Golf Swing

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From fixing your shoulder motion to perfecting your right wrist angle, learn how to correct an over the top golf swing in this free golfing technique video.

Part of the Video Series: Fixing an Over-the-Top Golf Swing
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Video Transcript

I'd like to show you a little bit about how the shoulders work again and also what the right wrist is suppose to do in the down swing. What we're doing is taking the club to the top of the swing and from there we're initiating with the legs again, but the right shoulder again is starting to work underneath. That underneath motion, if you look at my shoulders as I'm approaching impact, my shoulders are not leveled. My shoulders are not doing this in the swing, my shoulders are working under. That right shoulder dropping under, at the same time my right wrist is bent back, my right elbow is dropping under and again I've got that power angle with that back of that right hand really bent back backwards. You can see a Greg and Ernie swing, Tiger, anybody on tour, they're going to have a lot of angle in that right wrist on the down swing. So they're dropping that club from the inside, again they've got all that angle in their wrist and they're going have an explosive release through the golf ball.


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