Golf Swing Setup Position: Part 1

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Many golfers set up for their swing with their right elbow out too much. Learn how to correct your golf swing setup position and fix an over-the-top golf swing in this free golfing technique video.

Part of the Video Series: Fixing an Over-the-Top Golf Swing
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Video Transcript

my name is Ray Boone and I run the Ray Boone Golf Academy at the beautiful Miami Beach Golf Club. Today I'd like to present to you the topic of the over the top golf swing. We're back with the over the top golf swing, we've corrected your grip, now we're going to look at what goes on as your setup position. So most players have the tendency to setup with their posture tilted, their right elbow out too much. What we'd like to do in the golf swing to correct it is to get the right elbow underneath, get the left shoulder up higher so that they're going to be able to hit the golf ball from inside the line. So when we setup the left shoulder is up high, the right shoulder is down low, you can even feel like your left hip is up high, higher than the right hip as you setup to it. So we're going to setup and then we can go into our back swing from there. So again your setup position is critical in getting you to swing the club in from inside to be able to get a nice powerful draw rather than that over the top swing that most players have.


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