Using the Cable Curl Exercise Machine at the Gym

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Learn how to use the cable curl machine at the gym for strength training exercises in this free instructional video on gym exercise machine use.

Part of the Video Series: How to Use Gym Exercise Machines
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Video Transcript

I’m here at Extreme Fitness in Laurel Springs, New Jersey and today I’m going to demonstrate how to do a cable curl in the proper form. What you do is you pick up the bar, make sure your thumb and forefingers are right on the curve, one foot in front of you, one foot in back of you for balance and have your arms properly tucked in. now what you don’t want to do is the same thing I see a lot of people do is swing and drop the bar. They take their shoulders out of alignment and you’re not really working your biceps to the fullest extent and when you drop you’re not getting anything out of gravity doing the work for you. What you want to do is tuck your arms in very tight to the body and you want to act like there’s a bolt holding your upper arm into your rib cage, come up squeeze the bicep, come down on a 4 second negative, 3 to 4 second negative, come up squeeze the bicep not moving the upper arm isolates the bicep properly and as you can see my bicep is doing all of the work. There’s no swinging there’s no movement anywhere but through my elbows, this ensures safety, this ensures the maximum return from the time I’m in the gym trying to isolate and work my biceps. And as we’re going to the end of the motion, of course you’re feeling the proper burn telling you that you’re isolating the muscle properly and getting everything out of the exercise that you properly can. And that’s how you do a cable curl on the biceps.


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