Using a Seated Calf Exercise Machine at the Gym

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Learn how to use the seated calf machine at the gym for strength training exercises in this free online video demonstration.

Part of the Video Series: How to Use Gym Exercise Machines
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Video Transcript

And we’re here at Extreme Fitness in Laurel Springs, New Jersey and today I’m going to demonstrate the seated calf machine. Now what you don’t want to do in a seated calf machine is have your knees back here, you don’t want any pressure on your knees or in any kind of a leg workout. You also don’t want to have your feet up here because you’re not going to target the gastroc muscles and you also do not want to be too far back here on your toes because you’re going to bother your bottom of your foot which is your plantar muscle. You want to be right here at the very edge with the ball of your foot, you want your knees in front, you want your back straight and then you go up and move the safety, come down and go below parallel with your ankle, come up squeeze the calf muscle, exhale come down slowly. And now you’re doing a slow controlled movement, we’re not going to bounce up and down, this is how we damage the muscle, up and squeeze, up and squeeze. Now eventually you’re going to feel a slow methodical burn going through the muscle, exhale on top, keep you back straight and keep your breathing going. You’re going to do 12 to 15 repetitions as a beginner and as you feel this you’ll get to about 10 or 11 repetitions and you’ll really start to feel the burn. Now we don’t use our hands to help ourselves, we want to just use our calf muscles. Going up, down, up and down. Now we’re really starting to feel the burn and we’re going. And when we get done, we just rack it and your set is complete.


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