Pickoff Moves to Second Base

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There are two types of pickoff moves to second base in baseball: the spin move and the inside move. Learn more and get tips on how to pickoff a baserunner on second base in this free baseball video lesson for pitchers.

Part of the Video Series: Pickoff Moves for Pitchers
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Video Transcript

I'm here to teach you pitching. The next one we're going to go to now is 2nd base. We have 2 types of pickoffs at 2nd base. One we call a spin move and the other we call it inside move. With the spin move, what we're trying to do here. This is kind of a quick pick. We're trying to make ourselves and follow our glove side. We get into our set. What we're going to do is disengage our back foot in, open up, and then we'll throw. The whole point of this and why we try to turn in and make that tight. We're going to make tight circle or small circle here with our feet. The bigger the circle that we step into...If I start stepping out here, as you can see, there's a bit of drop on the backside. The wider I get my base or the wider apart my feet, the less. I won't be quite as quick, but I'll have less accuracy coming over here to 2nd base. The biggest mistake I usually see in that is guys step back and spin, and a lot of times they're pointed off in this direction and trying to throw back to 2nd base. Very tough thing to do.


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