Choosing Pads & Protective Gear for Downhill Mountain Biking

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Find out what pads and protective gear you need for your safety when downhill mountain biking in this free instructional video on downhill mountain racing.

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Video Transcript

MICKEY DENONCOURT: It is also important to make sure you are wearing protective gear when you are out riding downhill. Start with gloves, those are probably the most basic piece of protective gear that you have, when your hands are sweaty, they help you keep a grip on the bar, but most importantly, when you fall and you put your hands down when you slide, your hands don't get cut up, so that is nice. That doesn't just impact your bike riding, that impacts going to school, or work the next day and being able to work effectively. After gloves, the next thing you want is a good set of knee and shin pads. When you fall, you tend to fall to your knees, knees are very fragile, bony, made out of all sort of cartilage and bone that need protection. So, you want something with a hard cup, you can get at most bike shops, something like a skate knee pad, that's a big, you know, just knee pad. It is pretty good too, especially if you are riding clipless pedals, because one of the biggest reasons people use knee and shin combination pads, these pins on the pedals really, really hurt when they slam into your shin. So, going through the hassle of wearing some shin pads is totally worth the protection to keep yourself from having severe nerve damage in your shins like I do. I basically, have no nerve endings on my shins from years of years of riding without shin pads. So don't be like me.


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