How to Install a New Bike Handlebar Stem


Learn how to install a new mountain bike handlebar stem in this free bike care and maintenance video series.

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Video Transcript

We're now ready to install our other stem. First thing we want to do is take all of the face plate bolts out. So that's just, on this stem, it's a four millimeter Allen wrench. Just pull them until they're no longer screwed in so that we can slide this onto the bike. I'm going to put that on it's side so the bolts don't go anywhere. And now, just one bolt, so just get that off. I kept the other stem on there just to hold a place. So. Slide that on there, and looks like I need some spacers to take up some of the slack, so I got that taken care of. And now the main clamp bolt, which I'm just going to do up just so I can have something to hold onto while I'm working on the stem, is a six millimeter wrench, so that's just not adjusted, not on there hard enough to do any good. It's just so I can put my handlebars back on. So now, as you see, I've got four bolts. I've got some lines here on my stem, which help me keep everything lined up. Try to put that zero in the middle, or at least I'll try to get it there in a little second after I get these bolts started. Okay. So now we've got the bolts started. And we're lucky that this handlebar has markings that are the same on either side, so I'm going to try to get those evenly lined up, which looks like I've done. And now it's time to evenly torque these bolts down so that everything stays good and adjusted. There's sort of a catch-point where things get lined up again. As you can see, that's why we do it in a pattern like this. So that everything stays even. Torquing down one bolt all the way would just lead to problems. Okay. And now, in this next step we're going to do the final adjustment of swapping the handlebars over, I mean the handlebar stem over.


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