Mountain Bike Front Suspension Tips

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Watch a cycling expert give tips on mountain bike front suspension systems in this free online bicycle parts and maintenance video.

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Video Transcript

Most commonly seen type of suspension that you have on bikes is front suspension and front suspension only. That really serves to absorb a lot of the impacts that would be going to the handlebar or throwing you off, throwing you off base. Most bikes above like $1200 these days, are full suspension bikes, but I'm just going to talk to you right now about sort of the differences between coil sprung suspension. So you know, a coil spring, I think, when we think of springs, this is pretty much what we think of. It's a coil, it compresses, it's got, and they come in various weights. And you know air sprung suspension fork. This suspension fork here is air sprung. They make the same model with the same lowers and uppers and everything else with the coil spring. And the reason that I chose an air spring over a coil spring here, is one because it is significantly lighter. Obviously a metal coil weighs more than air, and also because I like the adjustability of it. This particular fork, I can turn a knob, to change the length of the fork and the amount of travel that it has. You see that adjuster down there, as I turn this, I just moved from 140 millimeters of travel to 125 millimeters of travel in no time at all. So moving it back up to 140 mill and in this application, the shorter travel application, I call it shorter travel because in the realm of things today, a fork that has five inches of travel is short compared to all the six, seven, and eight inch travel forks out there. But for forks like this, you've got air pressure on the top and then usually you have some sort of way of adjusting air pressure on the bottom with another valve down there, which is similar to the one on top. What you do, is you have these two chambers and you balance out the pressure between the two chambers to get the type of ride that you want. This fork here, is about as light weight and simple as they come. Its got air in the top, air in the bottom, air in the top, its like 2.5, 2.8 pounds.


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