Right Leg Reach Over Stretch Exercise

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Stretching prevents injuries. Learn Right Leg Reach Over Stretch Exercise in this free stretch workout and fitness video.

Part of the Video Series: Basic Stretching Exercises
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Video Transcript

For the next exercise, I'm going to give you the choice to flex your feet, which means the toes point up toward the ceiling, or point. If you are fairly new to stretching, I would recommend that you stay flexed. If you have danced before or have done yoga or stretch before, you more than welcomed to work on the point. So, we're going to pull up and out at our waist. We're going to bring the left arm up and we're going to extend over that right leg. Now your main concern and your main focus is that you stay pulled up and out at your right side. See, you don't want to do this. See how I'm collapsing, rather you lengthen up and over, keeping that left hip down. My right arm extends and my toes are pointed. My shoulders are down. Inhale, exhale, reach over. Now, your head can look up, or, it's perfectly fine to look down. Reach, breath, deep inhale, deep exhale. Now, you're going to pull your abs in though the center. And you're going to round through. Notice my shoulders stay down and pulled in. Then, my right arm reaches up. Again, the left side is our focus, reach up and over. My right hip stays down. Notice my right hip is on the floor. Reaching, extending, abs pull in, deep breath, pulling up and out of that left side, getting longer through the arms, extending, and pulling in through your center as you round through. One more time, lifting, relax your shoulders, get taller, as you exhale, go deeper, and now pull in through the center, relax your shoulders, stay pulled in through your core. Lift, reach, opposite hip stays down, pull the abs in, coming up to center.


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