How to Lay on Your Back When Shooting a Pistol

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Learn about the proper back positioning for pistol shooting stance and how to shoot hand guns in this free handgun and firearms video series.

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Video Transcript

True to form, like we just went over the one-handed and the kneeling positions, we're going to go into an unconventional method of shooting which a person could be put in depending upon what they do for work, and what their circumstances may be. Whether you're a homeowner and an intruder has broken in, and you happen to trip and fall back -- any position you land at, you're able to defend yourself and effectively hit a target with a firearm. So, what I'm going to demonstrate right now -- which is, you see it on TV sometimes, but it is trained in law enforcement, possibly, and military -- I'm not for certain, but I'm guessing it would probably be a good thing for the military to do if they haven't already done it, which I'm sure they have, would be shooting on your back. So, from this position here -- this is a simulation, as if I've gotten knocked to the ground for some strange reason, or I'm in my home and the intruder comes in and I trip over my children's toys and I fall down, but I still have my weapon. I can effectively engage my target from right here. If a target's coming at me, I can effectively engage it. So, my knees will come up -- I don't want to be like this, because that could take a risk of shooting myself in the foot -- it makes things more awkward, it is more difficult to make a shot from this position, it's not the most comfortable position even though you're laying down, you're stretching your neck to come up to engage your sights to make the shot. This is a dire type of position. If you wind up here, things are really, really bad, so then you take the shot, you pretty much are going to be fighting for your life, unless you train this way. So if I'm in training, I'm going to take my time, sight picture, trigger control, breathing -- line up my sights, and you can come up as much as your stomach muscles will allow. That's the part of it -- that people don't realize. You've got to incorporate stomach muscles when you do this. You can't just lay on your back and start shooting. If you want to effectively hit your target, you have to bend and sway a little bit. So, I'm engaged with my target, okay, boom, I fire my round. You can fire from this position -- this is the lying on your back position. You also have either side, where I can engage from this side. I would bring my feet back and stabilize my hands, bring my feet up, and stabilize my weapon hand with my knees squeezing them. And I line up my sights, and I can take the shot. I can do it on this side -- I can also do it on this side. These are unconventional shooting postures and positions, but they're great for training tools and it's just letting the person know that can effectively hit your target from these different positions -- if need be.


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