Learn the Proper Push-Pull Positioning for Pistol Shooting

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Learn about the proper push-pull positioning for pistol shooting stance and how to shoot hand guns in this free handgun and firearms video series.

Part of the Video Series: Pistol Shooting Stances
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Video Transcript

Okay what we are going to get into now is a 640 push pull method what I like to call it and it goes in hand with the last segment that I just did with the arms. Okay. When I say 640 when you draw your weapon sixty amounts of force here which means the push pull, I'm punching out when I draw my weapon I'm punching this hand out so I'm actually pushing out that is sixty. And forty as you, where is sixty forty this is for stabilization okay this is nothing more than to stabilize the gun so I'm not shaking. So I punch it out and meet married the thumbs and I'm actually pushing out and pulling in all at the same time to give me that more stability. If I went straight out like the longer I keep it out there the front of the gun starts to shake, the front end of my hand starts to shake okay. This hand here doesn't pull the trigger, it doesn't do anything but helps stabilize this. But again if you notice my hands are not directly straight out. For something that sets out really fast especially in attentive situation and fatigue a lot faster that you would if you take a deep breath slowly punching out. You are pushing out and pulling back at the same time okay from this mount right here my arms are still bent. So if I need to take a shot I can take it but if not I come through already. Take a breather and relax a little bit, if I need to go back on target I punch it out again. But I'm pushing out and pulling in at the same time. It provides for a very very stable base for shooting and you know again the only concerns that you have to make sure that you're not, you have to make sure that you are not over exerting yourself and stiffing your arms up. Because fatigue would set in and it would make for a long day at the range.


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