French Press Workouts for Weightlifting & Bodybuilding

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Learn French press workouts to build strength and muscle tone, using exercise and fitness equipment at the gym in this free exercise video on weightlifting and bodybuilding workout routines.

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Video Transcript

In this clip, we’re going to be doing the French press. A couple of nicknames it’s been giving. One is called the skull crusher. Another one…I don’t know… various different ones….suicides. I’ve heard different ones, but it is a French press; it is for the tricep. If you’ll notice, he’s in a laying down position on a bench. Select what we call and easy bar, it’s a bed bar. Again, moderate weight; don’t put too much weight the first time you try it. Make sure you understand the exercise first. If you notice, he’s got a close grip on his hands. Arms nice and locked, sitting vertically. When you’re ready to go, all you’re going to do is bend your elbows, bring your hands toward your forehead. When you get them pretty close, without hitting your forehead of course, you’re going to extend the weight back up in the air. If you notice, he’s keeping the upper arm nice and stationary; he’s not moving it back and forth. He’s bringing the weight just to forehead and back up. You see the back of the arm and notice he’s getting a really good pump in the back of his triceps. This exercise is real good for that. It is difficult, so again, make sure you understand the exercise before you actually try it with a lightweight. Give me 3 more. Again, keep in mind the form is very strict. There’s no movement in the upper arm, very little rotation of the shoulder. When you come to the top, make sure that you lock up the tricep nice and tight. When you’re done, you just bring that bar right back down to your chest. You do one of two things. You can set it behind you head, like he’s going to now. Rest the bar down, or you can sit up with the bar, whatever is easiest for you. Sit up, there you go. Rest the bar on your legs when you’re finished, and that is the French press, better known as the skull crusher. If you’d like anymore information on this exercise, you can go to


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