How to Do Crab Crawl Exercises


The crab crawl is a fun but challenging total body exercise that builds strength and promotes good body control. Learn how to do crab crawls in this free functional movement workout video.

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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: Again, another functional movement, another one of my favorites, another total-body movement much like the bear crawl, this is called the crab crawl. We're going to be in a little different position. The focus for this particular movement is going to be shoulders, triceps, core and we're going to work--we're going to get a little more focus on the hamstring and, of course, feet and ankles. We're going to start off, down position. Hands are just outside the shoulders. Now, I'm going to caution you if you have shoulder problems or shoulder issues, this may be a little difficult for you so be careful. If you've had any shoulder, wrist, elbow problems, you may want to stay away from this and build into this. But here's the motion and the movement. We'd come up. We'd bridge our hips up and we walk, digging our heels in as we activate the hamstrings, a lot of tricep work as we move forward. Again, maybe eight to 10 feet, we'll stop and then we'll reverse the motion and the pattern. Coming all the way through, keeping the hips up off the ground, trying to stay fairly stable.


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