How to Do Bear Crawl Exercises

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The bear crawl is a great total body exercise for strength training and improving body control. Learn how to properly do bear crawls in this free functional movement and injury prevention workout video.

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Video Transcript

KIRK VICKERS: The next movement in these functional movements is one of my favorites. This is a total-body movement, a very dynamic movement. This is really--I would reserve this one for somebody that's been working out for a while that has pretty good body control and muscular control. It's very taxing but this is called the quad-ped motion or movement, or it's called the bear crawl. Some of you may have done this when you were a kid or maybe in some kinda crazy football drills. I think this is a very important movement for control of the body, and we get trunk, shoulder and hip control with this. I'll demonstrate that in just a second here. We want to go down. Quad-ped meaning four points of contact. So our feet and our hands are going to be in contact. We're going to bring one hand up and the opposite leg up at the same time. So we just want to move right through. We don't want our hips way up in the air. This is a common mistake that's made with this. We want to kinda stretch it out a little bit, opposite arm, opposite leg. And what I like to do is get to a certain point, maybe five to eight yards and then reverse it. Change that pattern of motion of movement. Great for strengthening through the hands, the forearms, the shoulders, the core, the hips, the feet and the ankles. It's a great total-body movement and exercise.


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